About E2…

How the name of E2 come up?

E2 Jewellery was Established since 2000.

Modern tools...
We have many specialized tools, state-of-the-art equipment, such as computer design and visualization software that low volume shops often cannot afford.

Ancient Techniques...
Using these tools combined with time-tested techniques we create custom hand-crafted fine jewellery one piece at a time instead of manufacturing 100's of identical pieces.


Why use a computer?
Most custom designs are created by hand, but are not perfect. Using modern CNC or stereo lithography technology, virtually any 3-D design can be transferred in precious metal with an accuracy that is not achievable by even the most skillful human hand. When designing your creation, we design for actual sizes and shapes of the gemstones to ensure excellent perfectproportions and balance.


"Experience as a jewellery designer, goldsmith, certified diamond
grader and expertise in CAD/CAM technology provide the knowledge baseto combine the best of the past with the wave of the future, blending old-world craftsmanship with the precision of 3D CAD/CAM modeling. At E2 Jewellerywe deliver prompt service and individually tailored designs to satisfy each of my customer's needs.."

Tony Leung