designed by Tony Leung
  • E2 Jewellery Collections

    Here you will find E2 Jewellery Studios latest jewellery works categorized by Product Type. View some examples of Tony's previous jewellery designs in this collections area. Preview samples of engagement rings and wedding bands, necklaces and bracelets, as well as earrings, cufflinks and commission rings.

    Enquire by email to Tony  for jewellery listed as available for purchase if you are interested in buying a piece from this Collection. You can also contact him to design a custom jewellery piece for you or your loved ones.

  • Custom Made Jewellery

    Welcome to Award-winning artist and jewellery designer Tony Leung can co-create and customize your own original and unique wedding band, engagement ring, wedding set, men's ring or other spectacularly distinctive jewellery art wear.

    We offer personalized original designs. We create the jewellery and because we do not sub-contract, we eliminate a major cost factor. You benefit with a unique, exquisitely handcrafted design at an affordable price. We can custom make your unique jewellery piece or restyle your old jewellery as well.

  • CAD/CAM Design

    Using modern CNC systems, high-precision 3D printing systems, stereolithography systems (3D printing, optical fabrication, photo-solidification), virtually any 3-D design can be transferred in precious metal with an accuracy that is not achievable by even the most skillful human hand.

    When designing your creation, we design for actual sizes and shapes of the gemstones to ensure excellent perfect proportions and balance. Our clients can see a preview of their jewellery with photo realistic rendering prior to making the finished piece so they can get know they are getting exactly what they envision.